Counting Down to Charleston - Food, Film and Friends Oh My!

When we first started this journey (that has now become epic in terms of cool factor,) we hadn't realized how symbolic it would become of the slow food and fashion movement. Now with the addition of Laura Kissel and her film Cotton Road being screened the last night of the retreat, everything is coming together.

We eat consciously, we love consciously (hopefully), so why are we not spending more time considering the implications of where our clothing comes from?

Laura writes on her site:

"What does a rural town in South Carolina have to do with China? Americans consume nearly twenty billion new items of clothing each year, and at least one billion of them are made in China. Cotton Road uncovers the transnational movement of cotton and tells the stories of worker's lives in a conventional cotton supply chain. From rural farms in South Carolina to factory cities in China, we span the globe to encounter the industrial processes behind our rapacious consumption of cheap clothing and textile products. Are we connected to one another through the things we consume? Cotton Road explores a contemporary landscape of globalized labor through human stories and provides an opportunity to reflect on the ways our consumption impacts others and drives a global economy."

As each movement strives to claim its own space in the world of responsible living, we're looking forward to our 3 day retreat where all three worlds collide into one truly mindful food, fashion and film fest where color takes center stage.

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