MAKE Video Series Featuring Atlanta Indigo Fine Craft Artist Lynn Pollard

Atlanta maker Lynn Pollard transitions from fiber art to paper dyeing.

Atlanta maker Lynn Pollard transitions from fiber art to paper dyeing.

Lynn Pollard's first degree was earned at Duke University in English and Psychology and included a year of studio art.  She learned to weave through the guild system in this country and continued her textile education at Georgia Tech earning a bachelor’s degree in textile engineering.  She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has won numerous awards.  She has taught in the fiber program at Georgia State University, at John C Campbell Folk School, local craft centers, and her guild.  She is currently working with indigo on paper in addition to her weaving.      

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Lynn says on her site: "My work addresses pure beauty and ideal nature and escape - escape from the daily stress of life and from the enormous problems facing us in this world.   It exists solely for beauty, for visual experience, for tactual luxury, and for serenity.  And why blue? The complex nature of this particular dye which is the only dye which can be used in this way, the ancient practices of dyeing blue, the traditional experience and symbolism, and the superstitions that developed around it for many ancient cultures all add to the significance for me.  I developed this technique of dipping paper into a vat of indigo dye and moving it in ways to make the image.  The papers are dipped multiple times over a number of days to add complexity and to take advantage of constant changes in the vat.   In dyeing paper with indigo, I have felt completely free.  I love the intuitive nature and serendipity of it. I believe that indigo is too mysterious and headstrong and spiritual to allow for complete control."

We love her spin on indigo. Watch the MAKE video on her process here.