Huge Announcement!!

The International Center for Indigo Culture, Inc. 

I'm pleased - actually thrilled - to announce the formation of The International Center for Indigo Culture, Inc.  I've been thinking about this for several years and the time has come to form a non-profit to further the education and research on indigo. We are at the point where we are ready to fundraise and apply for grants/funding to explore harvesting and processing on a large scale and this is the way to do it. 

I've also dreamt of a facility that would be a place where people could see indigo textile arts, indigo growing and experience indigo dyeing themselves. A place where we can bring all the blue producing plants from around the world together to show and explore how the are used by individual cultures both historically and today. It will house classroom space, gallery space, space for an artist in residence program, the list goes on and on.  I know this facility is some time down the road, but I've decided to put it out there and see what happens! 

More good news! Most of you know that Sea Island Indigo has been working with Clemson University and their Coastal Research and Education Center (CREC) in Charleston, South Carolina, on growing indigo and even though I've moved to Athens, Georgia, that research continues! In fact, it's growing even bigger!  This fall we will be exploring how to process tons – yes TONS – of indigo leaves. If you see a blue woman walking about – that’s me!

This is so appropriate as the main focus today is to continue to bring indigo into mainstream culture by creating a domestic source of blue dye. This Indigo Culture that I talk about will be a community of people all based around this plant and the dye it produces.  It includes everyone, but especially farmers/growers, artists, processors, industry (including small cottage industries to larger commercial industries) and consumers.  As things move along, I'll be sharing it with y'all!